Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cell phone Bling

My new phone case~
Rockin rhinestones, jewels,pearls,glitter and roses. Fabulousity in a nutshell! A little over the top..but when has that ever stopped me (insert pause and laugh here) that just means its FABulous!!! ;) I got mine on Ebay for under $12 (stealll) where AS the mall wants up to $50

"A lil bling never hurt anyone..."
-Yours truly <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Khlanaynay's Haul

Khloé will be rockin Beyonce's clothing line off "House of Deréon".. "Deréon Baby". We picked these up because she just needed some simple play around the house onesies. And she got some bottles, 10 new bibs (she IS the drool queen) and a carseat toy that sings and some teether toys in the shape of a foot and hand..since she loves chewin on her own. Only 4 mo. Old and already following in mama's heel steps... *wink!*


KHeels of the month! Every month I will blog a pair if heels I add to my closet. Here is HOTM "August" <3

I think these are aboslutely adorable..And you best believe mama will give them a good home! These babies are rockin a 4 inch heel..which means a gel insert and heel back pad will b needed. But the good news is I scored these at Rue for only $3 dollars...please & thank you!
(originally $30)

Pink Shatter!?!

We've seen blue,purple,red,gold,silver and of course white and black...but finally PINK!!! This is a must have when it comes to the shatter family :) soo cute! *happppy dance*