Monday, November 14, 2011

Lorelei's Tiara by China Glaze

So pretty! In love with my nails! Top Coat is Sparkle top coat by finger paints Ahhh! You know me & my nails I change them every week! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Comic nails

Inspiration: Reminds me of the little dots used in comic art...just wanted to try something new. I'm no pro, just painting my nails and watching the movie bridesmaids it's freaking funny! If you haven't seen it go watch it right NOW!

Island girl

As you can tell by my car key..I am NOT one of those people that have 20 key chains hanging off my key ring. I think a few is okay. Everyone knows I love HK. So when I saw this Show girl HK key chain in Vegas I had to get it! It's so cute! :)

Why haven't I seen this cosmetic line before?! Hello...Hawaiian "Island girl" right here!
I'm going to have to start getting a lot more of there stuff from there line.
AH I love it!

Island Girl Nail Polish "Big Island Volcano".
I love this color, It's more bright mint green in person..I have a thing for minty green/turq nail polish <3 It's just fabulous.

Island girl long lasting lipstick "Island Paradise"
Another obessh of mine "nude colored lipstick!"
Yes it makes me look like death or dead or both.
But I like it. Ha. Ha. Ya I'm a freako.

Island girl shimmering lip gloss "Kahala Breeze"
If your gonna get the have to get the matching gloss to go over top!
It's a rule.
Obey or don't play at all.
Just sayin'

*Please excuse the checkers game going on over my pictures, I don't know why that keeps happening! *

Juicy Couture Vegas

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cute Halloween Nails in 3!

Just 3 simple steps!
Step 1- Paint your nails a Orange color! I picked this one cause it' more of a pumpkin color..rather than a "neon" orange. Capeesh?
Step 2- Go over with black shatter
Step 3-Go over with clear coat

Step back..stick out your hand in a *stop* motion..look at your nails and *Repeat after me* "Danggg gurl your nails look fresh to Death!" ;)

I'll do some other halloween nails! I just figure I'd start with the eassssiest first!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Cute desk stuff <3

Picked up some cute desk goodies at Target! Except I think these Hello Kitty post-its just might be too cute to actually use! Bahahaha! *Dead Serious* They are still sittin pretty wrapped in plastic on my desk. Haha!

Oh..and my FABulous cup..I purchased at Hobby Lobby! I'm such a nerd! (don't hold back tris tell us how you really feel about yourself!) But I love this friggin cup. It's not like there brand new..I'm late with the trend! But only recently wanted one and I'm so happy! I told myself it's just to keep at work (I am home and I am staring at it in the face!) That worked out so well..but it's cute and handy! I wanna tote it around everywhere I go..I need to buy it a sister and keep her at home lol!
It totalllly makes me want to drink more water cause the friggin cup is cute! Ya I already said that..Anyways, makes perfect sense too ME! As professionally displayed in the picture below it holds my favvv drink to get thru the work day! (Crystal light w/Energy!) And other delicious beverages, this cup has a slight wild side..Yum! Go get one of these..It'll change your lifeeee! ;)

I love how I just went off about the love of a's time to go rest my brain!

Essie's Fall Nail Polish Collection 2011

I got Power Clutch! It's Adorbs! It's the perfect Dark Gray color! Love it! I can't wait to pick up some of the other colors!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

*Juicy Couture*

Juicy Ring! Absolutely love this Ring! It has Juicy written on the front (as you can see) and a diamond dotting the I in Juicy, and diamonds around the band. I love the packaging, probably the cutest ring box I've seen! Baby pink ahh it's adorable! (I'm a freak I know..) This is my 1st piece of Juicy Couture Jewelry. And I'll totally admit that it was a just because gift to myself! You gottah treat yourself every now and than right? ;)

Before you read this disclaimer: I want you to know..I'm not a jewelry snob by any means..(I adore my jewlery from Sears,Fred Meyer,Zales and etc.)every piece of jewlery I own no matter where from is special to me because they came from the love of my life and I treasure them.
Anyways this is my blog and just my opinions. SO, I heard that there is a Tiffany & Co. coming this Fall 2011 to our Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City,UT. How exciting! I've always window shopped online. And drooled over there fabulous jewelry..I mean when it comes to jewelry who hasn't heard of Tiffany & co. it's legend! And I told myself if I was to ever be lucky to own a piece of Tiffany jewelry it'd be a gift from my honey and not from myself. And hello! How sweet to later..pass down to my angels. Anyhow, maybe it's already opened, I'm not sure..but I know I'd love just even one tincy tiny little tiffany blue box under my christmas tree! Dang! I should've tried harder to be a good girl this year!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Nail Polish!
Sinful Colors
Love this color! It looks close to O.p.i's "you don't know jacque!"
It's a mud/chocolate brown.
Perfect for fall! And goes with anything! I got this from Walgreens there normally $1.99 (which is super cheap) but they were all on Sale for $.99¢!
So I picked up a bunch of colors perfect for fall! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bobby pins!

Is what I call them. I know some people sometimes call them something different. Ex: Hair pins but there just...
Bobby pins to {this girl}.

Found these super rad ones at my addiction buliding, some of you may have heard of it referred to as Walgreens!

They were like 1-2 dollars, super cheap, fun colors and there strong, cause you know how u once accidentally picked up ones that arent strong that flex and go loose in your hair? Well.. Not these bad boys! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cute Bling Flower Headband

Ok I love anything bling, So when I saw this at my work gift shop (hospital) I had to have it! It was $10 or $12 dollars. Thought it was a cute acessory to my outfit. Because it was so busy..I kept my outfit simple, just a black tank with jeans. I went to dinner at an amazing sushi place with my girl friends, it was a fun night.

A lil bling never hurt anyone
-Yours Truly

Revlon's Mini Nailpolish Kit

Found this cute mini set at Walgreens on clearance for $3.99! Revlon's "Tea Party" Spring 2011 Collection

So cute! Not bad for $3.99. And I love the mini bottles!
I had the pink on this last weekend and loved it and now rockin the orange "Butterfly".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cell phone Bling

My new phone case~
Rockin rhinestones, jewels,pearls,glitter and roses. Fabulousity in a nutshell! A little over the top..but when has that ever stopped me (insert pause and laugh here) that just means its FABulous!!! ;) I got mine on Ebay for under $12 (stealll) where AS the mall wants up to $50

"A lil bling never hurt anyone..."
-Yours truly <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Khlanaynay's Haul

Khloé will be rockin Beyonce's clothing line off "House of Deréon".. "Deréon Baby". We picked these up because she just needed some simple play around the house onesies. And she got some bottles, 10 new bibs (she IS the drool queen) and a carseat toy that sings and some teether toys in the shape of a foot and hand..since she loves chewin on her own. Only 4 mo. Old and already following in mama's heel steps... *wink!*


KHeels of the month! Every month I will blog a pair if heels I add to my closet. Here is HOTM "August" <3

I think these are aboslutely adorable..And you best believe mama will give them a good home! These babies are rockin a 4 inch heel..which means a gel insert and heel back pad will b needed. But the good news is I scored these at Rue for only $3 dollars...please & thank you!
(originally $30)

Pink Shatter!?!

We've seen blue,purple,red,gold,silver and of course white and black...but finally PINK!!! This is a must have when it comes to the shatter family :) soo cute! *happppy dance*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


(new nail polish...hollah!)
I've had this shade for about 2 weeks now..and finally getting to use it!
I purchased other np colors and so this little guy had to wait in line.


I normally don't jump at blue nail polishes
But when I saw this color (in there
Brazillian Collection)
I thought it was so so so pretty!
It's a gorg blue shade with small glitter flex.
(I like that it's
not too shimmery but...just right)

this instantly made my list for one of the dopest blue polishes thus far!