Monday, October 24, 2011

Island girl

As you can tell by my car key..I am NOT one of those people that have 20 key chains hanging off my key ring. I think a few is okay. Everyone knows I love HK. So when I saw this Show girl HK key chain in Vegas I had to get it! It's so cute! :)

Why haven't I seen this cosmetic line before?! Hello...Hawaiian "Island girl" right here!
I'm going to have to start getting a lot more of there stuff from there line.
AH I love it!

Island Girl Nail Polish "Big Island Volcano".
I love this color, It's more bright mint green in person..I have a thing for minty green/turq nail polish <3 It's just fabulous.

Island girl long lasting lipstick "Island Paradise"
Another obessh of mine "nude colored lipstick!"
Yes it makes me look like death or dead or both.
But I like it. Ha. Ha. Ya I'm a freako.

Island girl shimmering lip gloss "Kahala Breeze"
If your gonna get the have to get the matching gloss to go over top!
It's a rule.
Obey or don't play at all.
Just sayin'

*Please excuse the checkers game going on over my pictures, I don't know why that keeps happening! *

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