Monday, October 3, 2011

Cute desk stuff <3

Picked up some cute desk goodies at Target! Except I think these Hello Kitty post-its just might be too cute to actually use! Bahahaha! *Dead Serious* They are still sittin pretty wrapped in plastic on my desk. Haha!

Oh..and my FABulous cup..I purchased at Hobby Lobby! I'm such a nerd! (don't hold back tris tell us how you really feel about yourself!) But I love this friggin cup. It's not like there brand new..I'm late with the trend! But only recently wanted one and I'm so happy! I told myself it's just to keep at work (I am home and I am staring at it in the face!) That worked out so well..but it's cute and handy! I wanna tote it around everywhere I go..I need to buy it a sister and keep her at home lol!
It totalllly makes me want to drink more water cause the friggin cup is cute! Ya I already said that..Anyways, makes perfect sense too ME! As professionally displayed in the picture below it holds my favvv drink to get thru the work day! (Crystal light w/Energy!) And other delicious beverages, this cup has a slight wild side..Yum! Go get one of these..It'll change your lifeeee! ;)

I love how I just went off about the love of a's time to go rest my brain!

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