Sunday, September 25, 2011

*Juicy Couture*

Juicy Ring! Absolutely love this Ring! It has Juicy written on the front (as you can see) and a diamond dotting the I in Juicy, and diamonds around the band. I love the packaging, probably the cutest ring box I've seen! Baby pink ahh it's adorable! (I'm a freak I know..) This is my 1st piece of Juicy Couture Jewelry. And I'll totally admit that it was a just because gift to myself! You gottah treat yourself every now and than right? ;)

Before you read this disclaimer: I want you to know..I'm not a jewelry snob by any means..(I adore my jewlery from Sears,Fred Meyer,Zales and etc.)every piece of jewlery I own no matter where from is special to me because they came from the love of my life and I treasure them.
Anyways this is my blog and just my opinions. SO, I heard that there is a Tiffany & Co. coming this Fall 2011 to our Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City,UT. How exciting! I've always window shopped online. And drooled over there fabulous jewelry..I mean when it comes to jewelry who hasn't heard of Tiffany & co. it's legend! And I told myself if I was to ever be lucky to own a piece of Tiffany jewelry it'd be a gift from my honey and not from myself. And hello! How sweet to later..pass down to my angels. Anyhow, maybe it's already opened, I'm not sure..but I know I'd love just even one tincy tiny little tiffany blue box under my christmas tree! Dang! I should've tried harder to be a good girl this year!

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  1. soooo freakin' cute! ahh. I just love it. I love juicy so so so much. Lets go back to Vegas. NOW!