Sunday, June 5, 2011


My KONAD nail stamping kit. You can get one like this on Ebay for like $12-13 dollars. They sell different design plates as well. This is a cheap/fun alternative than going to the salon and paying for a manicure. Cause Y'all know I never pay to get my nails done..cause yes, I do them myself! :D I love doing my nails..especially where not a lot of work is involved. Cause let's face it..being a mom or if your not a mom and just livin life..sometimes we don't have a lot of time to spend on ourselves and this took me like 15 min! SO, If you wanna know how to use this nail kit I betcha if you search on YTube someone out there has made a video! :D
So I wanted to use the Zebra design on the plate, So I chose to paint my nails a hot pink color from O.p.i. Your such a kabuki queen and for the Zebra print I just used a white polish from China glaze white on white.
& I think they turned out FAB!!
And I must say thank you to my 2 little girls for taking naps and allowing me to spend 15 minutes on myself and do my nails :) if you don't have's okay one day you will understand why im so friggin happy about getting 15 minutes to myself! yeah they slept longer than 15 minutes..but ello' I gots other things to do while there sleeping (like blog about my nails) hahaha jk. i dont' have time to edit this blog and read over it so if i messed up. sorry in advance. ok gotta go have a good day!

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