Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Creators of Jewelmint
Actress: Kate Bosworth & Stylist: Cher coulter
(Kate pictured with Versailles earrings)

My first Jewelmint order!
I was so excited to place an order and get a fabulous jewelmint piece to add to my jewelry box.
Beautiful, great quality jewelry pieces for $30 dollars.

What you do is:
  • Go to there website
  • Take style quiz
They will generate a showroom just for you filled w/ jewelery pieces that match your style outline.
Every piece is $30 each.
To be honest, it seemed like a lot of money.
But the feedback I was hearing was amazing, everyone's first impressions and reviews stated that they loved there pieces and the quality was great and well worth the $30 dollars.
they have promo codes out there for 50% off which is a great deal (especially to give it a try and see how you like it.)
they are offering free shipping right now too!

In my show room were these beautiful Versailles earrings and I knew I had to have them! I love really blingy stuff and stuff that is a little gaudy too (sometimes).

I do judge a book by it's cover when it comes to make up or jewelry and stuff like that-
And first impression..
love the packaging, super cute!
I know other people have also gotten there stuff in black boxes.
But I like the mint ones better.

There beautiful!! I love them!!
There 2.5 inches, chandelier style earrings.

As it reads in the card inside the box
"Don't be afraid to pair these royally ornate pieces with your off-duty looks".

I think this is great! $30 a month or every other month (or whatever you'd like) for a piece of amazing jewelry to build up your jewelry collection ♥

check out my video review on jewelmint: http://youtu.be/tdzT7AC4z9w

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